Professional Ringtone Manager


Added new songs on your phone, but the player don’t see the tag? Then this app for you! Professional Ringtone Manager will help you easily edit the tags. To simplify the editing of tags, we have divided them into several tabs:

  • Track (title, artist, genre, track number, composer, etc.)
  • Album (cover, album, album artist, year, etc.)
  • Lyrics (convenient lyrics’ editor)
  • Information (information about the audio file and its location on the device)

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Editor supports formats such as: mp3, aac, flac, wma, m4a, ogg, m4a, amr.

Well, you have edited the tags, and want to set it on the ring tone? Not a problem! The ringtones editor integrated in the app! Cut the required length of the song or put the entire song ringtone for a specific contact.

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OS: Android 4.4+
Languages: EN, RU

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Crazy Picture

Crazy Picture – it is a new, free app with the best posts, jokes, quotes and videos. Watch every day new pictures, animations and videos that we have specially selected for you. Share the memes that you liked with your friends in VK, Facebook and Twitter or send it by SMS or email.

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Why Crazy Picture?

  • Crazy Picture has a large database of images, animations and videos which are always with you.
  • We carefully select the best pictures, gifs, videos and coubs from around the internet.
  • Every day a new piece of memes.
  • Our memes are sorted by topic.
  • The easiest way to share images with friends.
  • Ability to save in your favorites.
  • Didn’t like the picture? Press dislike and we won’t show it again!
  • Laughter improves mood.

We can keep talking about it the whole day… Well, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and install the application!

OS: Android 4.1+
Languages: EN, RU

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Catalog Stickers for Telegram

Stickers’ catalogue was created for quick searching and installation of stickers in the Telegram.

Main applications features:

  • All stickers in the app are free!
  • A large catalog that weekly updated with new sets of stickers.
  • Stickers are sorted by category.
  • Add stickers to your favorites for quick access to them.
  • Share stickers with friends.
  • Send us new stickers and we will add them to the database.

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OS: Android 4.1+
Languages: EN, RU, UA, FR, ES

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